Dalmatia bike tour

Dalmatia bike tour

Few years ago I decided to go cycling along the Croatian coast. Because it was amazing and extremely fun adventure, I repeated bike tour next year.

First year I cycled alone. I started in Rijeka and in 7 days I cycled 550 km. I was cycling on the island of Krk, Rab, Pag, Pasman, Ugljan, Losinj, Cres. I visited many cities and towns like Zadar, Biograd, Vodice, Pakoštane, Nin etc.

Second year I was cycling with my friend and we enjoyed exiting 8 days on the road from Rijeka to Dubrovnik. We cycled 685 km and unfortunately we didn’t have luck with the weather.

In next few posts, I will share my thoughts and described my bicycle adventures.


Would you like to visit the island of Vis?

Would you like to visit the island of Vis?

Are you looking information about island of Vis? Then you are in the right place. In this blog post I will give you a lot of information, that you need if you visit the island of Vis. Let’s started!

The island of Vis is a small Croatian island and it is a pearl among in the Adriatic Sea. Do to its strategic position in the open sea, it served as a military zone for many years. Since the independence of Croatia, the island began opening to the other world and today is one of the most popular tourist destination in Croatia. The island of Vis has an area of 90 km2 and it is surrounded of smaller islands and islets: Ravnik, Budikovac, Bisevo, Svetac, Jabuka, Brusnik and Palagruza.

The island has three mountains, Hum has the highest altitude (585m), Sveti Duh (563m), and Mali Hum (514m).

How can you come to island of Vis?

Firstly, you have to reach the city of Split, you can arrive by plane, train, bus, car or bike :) – you decide.

Then you should use the ferry or catamaran.

Jadrolinija: Car ferry Split – Vis
  • Low season 01.01.2016 – 02.06.2016 and 03.10.2016 – 31.12.2016: SchedulePrices
  • High season: 03.06.2016 – 02.10.2016: SchedulePrices

For more information you can contact Jadrolinija:

Agencija Split
tel.: +385 21 33 83 33

Krilo Jet: Catamaran Split – Vis

For more information you can contact Krilo Jet directly:

MB Kapetan Luka TP
tel. +385 21 64 54 76

When you can stay and what you can do on the island of Vis?

Island of Vis is divided between two beautiful towns Vis (northeast) and Komiža (southwest).

Vis town

Town of Vis is located in the north-eastern part in the island of Vis. and it is very protected bay from all sides. It is located 10km for the town of Vis.

On the Vis town you can rent an apartment and private house (about 1500 beds) or stay in hotel (400 beds). In the town are about 10 restaurants where you should taste the local specialities like domestic bread and many fish dishes, especially sardines from the grill. Here you have more information about the town of Vis – visinfo.org/town-vis.

Komiza town

Komiza town is located on the western side of island of Vis, in a deep bay. Near the town is a mountain Hum which is 600m above sea level. The lovers of active holiday can choose between sailing, kiting, surfing, diving, hiking and running in a nature. There are many locations in the depths of the sea with sunken planes and war ships.

Only 5 nautical miles from the Komiza town is located the island of Bisevo. It has only 20 permanent residents. On the Bisevo is one of the most popular natural attraction the Blue Cave (Morda Špilja) which is visited every year by thousands of tourists. The Blue Cave is a glowing blue ocean cave. The bright sun light up the water, and the glowing ocean illuminates walls a amazing blue, and creating glowing blue grotto. Here you have more information about town Komiza – visinfo.org/komiza.

Small towns and bays

The island of Vis has many beautiful bay and small villages. You can visit: Rukavac, Milna, RogačićBrgujac bay, Zaglav bay, Stoncnica bay etc.

Beaches on the island of Vis

On the island of Vis are many beautiful beaches.

Prirovo beach

Prirovo is the most popular beach in the Vis town. The beach is located on the peninsula Prirovo near the port of the town of Vis. Prirovo beach is a pebble beach which is 100 meters long, with a natural shade. Near the beach is a hotel Issa and several bars and restaurant. Even though the beach is located close to the town port, the sea is clear in clean because sea currents constantly bring fresh sea from the open sea.
prirovi beach

Grandovac beach

Grandovec beach is located on the eastern side of the town Vis (close to the village of Kut), on a small peninsula named St. George. It takes 15 minutes of relaxing walk to get to the beach from the village Kut. Grandovec beach is 60 meters long pebble beach with crystal clear sea and lots of natural shade of pine trees. On the beach is a small bar, where yo can to enjoy refreshing drinks in relaxing atmosphere.

grandovac beach on the island of Vis

Velu zolo beach

Velu zolo beach is an amazing pebble beach which is isolated and accessible only from the sea. Even in the high season, there are just a few people on the beach. Near the beach are steep cliffs that make this bay gorgeous. If you sailing around the island of Vis, it is definitely location which you must to see.

Velu zolo beach on island of Vis

Vartalac beach

Vartalac beach is beautiful pebble beach which is located south of the Komiza town. It is a pet friendly beach that means it have officially designated beach where you can enjoy in a sea together with your pet.

Vartalac beach in the island of Vis
Stoncnica beach

Stoncnica beach is located on the eastern side of the island and it is one of the most popular beach on the island of Vis. The sea is a crystal clean and has a sany bottom. On the beach is a little restaurant and bar that serves traditional delicacies.

stoncnica beach on the island of Vis

Srebrna beach

Near the Rukavac town is Srebrna beach and it is the most popular beach in the island of Vis.  This amazing beach is named after the silver shine of its pebbles under the moonlight. It is a very common choose for family with children because on on the beach is a lot of pine trees that provide shade.

srebrna beach on the island of Vis

Milna beach

Milna beach is a sandy beach and is located at the end of the Milna bay, in the southeastern part of the island. Shallow water that reaches to the knees thirty meters from the beach, makes Milna one of the best beach on the island of Vis. Unfortunately on the beach is no natural shade, but you can rent umbrellas lounge chairs.

Milna beach on the island of Vis

Zaglav beach

This beach is one of the most beautiful sand beach on the Adriatic coast with bright and glistening sand. It is located on the south side of the island and it is very protected from northern winds. You can access it 1o minutes walking from the beach Milna or in a small boat. It is the best choice if you want enjoy to the peace and crystal clean water.

zaglav beach

Stiniva beach

Stiniva bay is a small pebble beach, located on the western part from Mala Travna. It is closed with two high rocky cliffs which are just four meters from each other. From the land side it can be reached by a steep goat’s path which is not suitable for small children. Because is the beach from all sides surrounded by high cliffs, Stiniva beach is always al least one half in the shade.

stiniva beach on the island of Vis

Mala Travna beach

Mala Travna bay is located in a beautiful little bay on the southern part of the island and it is a pebble beach. The water is crystal clear and is always a few degrees cooler than at the nearby Srebrena or Stiniva. The reason for this is the fresh water springs in the bay and always present western current.

Mala travna beach on the island of VIs

The top 5 beaches in Croatia

The top 5 beaches in Croatia

Telegraph Media Group every year chooses the most beautiful beaches in Croatian coast. For 2016 they pick top 5 beaches, which are the best for relaxing and soaking in the sea.

1. Zlatni Rat beach – Brac island

The island of Brac is best known for the Zlatni Rat beach, which is located on the island’s southern coast near the town of Bol. Zlatni rat extends into the sea almost vertically and changes its shape, location and length depending on the influence of the wind and sea currents. It is the most famous windsurfing beach in Croatia. You can either have an active holiday or relax on the beach – depending of your mood.

Zlatni Rat beach in Bol is one of the largest and most beautiful natural attractions of the Adriatic sea.

zlatni rat beach on brac island

2. Palmizana beach – Pakleni island

Palmizana beach is located on the islands of Klement, which belongs to the Pakleni islands (Hell islands). Pakleni islands are a unique and the most famous natural beauty in Hvar. Palmizana beach is covered with pebbles, but the sea entrance is sandy. A little part of this beach is intended for nudist tourism. The beach contains bars and great restaurant where you can eat fish specialities in different ways.

Palmizana is very popular for yachters-sailors who put anchor in the bay at night.

palmizana beach in pakleni island

3. Stiniva beach – Vis island

On the south side of the island of Vis is fabulous Stiniva bay. Looking from the sea side, Stiniva is very closed in two high rock cliffs, which are just four meters from each other. From the land side it can be reached by a steep and at times very difficult path which can last for more than twenty minutes. Stiniva beach is a tiny stone beach with clear blue water and it’s at least on one side always in the shade.

If you have a holiday on Vis island it’s definitely one of the best beaches to see.

stiniva beach on vis island

4. Banje beach – Dubrovnik

The Banje beach is the most popular beach in Dubrovnik and the one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic sea. It has an amazing view of the old part of Dubrovnik and the beautiful Lokrum island. This pebble beach is very popular for younger people because it offers a lot of activities such as pedal boats, jet-ski, watertubes. In the evening Banje beach turns into a place for young people exiting night-out.

If you spend day or two in Dubrovnik, don’t miss the opportunity to see the great view from the popular Banje beach, or even refresh in the sea.

banje beach near dubrovnik

5. Sakarun beach – Dugi island

Sakarun beach is located in Central Dalmatia on the northwest coast of the Dugi island. It’s 850 meters long mixture of beautiful white sand and pebble beach. The smooth white stones on the coast turn to fine white pebbles on the seabed, making it ideal for families with small children. Sea in the Sakarun bay is very intense turquoise-blue looking more like Caribbean than Adriatic see.

Sakarun is the Croatia’s one of the most-photographed beach. It’s became a member association of the club “The most beautiful bays in the word”.

sakarun beach on dugi island

Bay Dubovica – beautiful beach on island Hvar

Bay Dubovica – beautiful beach on island Hvar

Beautiful bay Dobovica is situated on the southern coast of the island Hvar between the Hvar town and Stari Grad. It is only 8km from the Hvar town and 7km from the Stari Grad town. There is a 150m long pebble beach with shade provided by trees.

Map of Buy Dubovica

To the bay Dubovica you can get by a boat or by a car. If you are coming by a car on the road from town Hvar, there is a parking on the right side of the road. From there a steep path leads down to the beach. If you don’t have a car, you can use a bus. The ticket from the town Hvar to Dubovica is only about 9kn (about 1,2€).


In 2012, I was on the island Hvar with my family and we spent a day on the bay Dubovica. In the bay we came early in the morning and a few hours we were alone on the beach. Amazing! :). We had a great time and really enjoy in the crystal clear water.

Tip: There is a lovely bar on the beach that plays absolutely chill out music and serves fresh lemonades! I recommend! 

Here are some pictures that I did them.

bay-dubovica_1 bay-dubovica_2

Zlatni Rat beach (Bol) on Brac island

Zlatni Rat beach (Bol) on Brac island

Bol is the oldest town on the coast of the island of Brac, is situated in the southern part of the island. Bol is a very popular tourist destination, known for excellent bars and restaurants and windsurfing and kiting. Pebble beaches stretching in the lenght of ten kilometers.

The below picture shows where Bol is located.
bol_brac map

The famous Zlatni Rat beach (Golden Cape) is on of the most famous beaches in Europe and one of the top tourist attraction in Croatia. Zlatni Rat beach is a narrow white pebble beach and it’s situated near the town Bol. The amazing shape of the beach shifts with the changes in winds, waves and see currents. For this reason, hit of Zlati Rat often looks different.

Beautiful view to the Zlatni Rat.

Zlati Rat beach is only 2 km from Bol. You can go to the beach by the car or by 20-minute walk along the sea. During the summer months you can drive to the beach with small tourist train. This area is also famous for windsurfers and kiters due to the strong winds (westerly wind – Maestral) .

European Best Destination, one of the top sites for promoting tourism in Europe, has selected beach Zlatni Rat among 15 most beautiful European beaches.

In the first weeks of 2016, Mother nature shows her majesty. Below you can look incredible video how to see the Zlatni Rat after the two days of heavy winds.

Video by Frane Marinković via YouTube

The strong westerly winds (more then 70 km/h) and waves that buffeted the island Brač bent the famous white-pebble beach back to itself.

The good news is that the change isn’t permanent. It has happened before and will be back in regular shape soon.

A few years ago, I was cycling on islands in Dalmatia. When I cycled at the top of Vidova Gora* (780 m.a.s.l.) on island Brač, I was given an amazing view on the one of the most beautiful beaches on Adriatic see – Zlatni Rat.

* Vidova Gora is the highest peak on the island of Brač, and also the highest peak on all Adriatic islands.

Watch the video below to see what is the view to Zlatni Rat and town Bol from Vidova Gora.


The Fortress Fortica in town Hvar

The Fortress Fortica in town Hvar

The Fortress Fortica, also known as Španjola, is located above the northem part of the town Hvar (island Hvar). It was built at the beginning of the 16th century. Fortica with the city walls was in the past central defensive fortress town of Hvar. Today the fort holds a collection of amphora and other exhibits from antiquity and the Middle Ages. Fortress Fortica is a popular tourist destination, which offers amazing panoramic view of the town with surroundings and the Pakleni islands. On a clear day (which they mostly are), you can see right over to Vis.



To the Fortica you can reach by the car, behind the hill, to the western part of the city. But I recommend that you walk up the stairs. The last time I went with my 2 year old daughter and we don’t have any problems.

Hint: Enjoy a cup of coffee or a cold drink at the café at the top and enjoy the view – the price is worth it.

I made some pictures about fortress Fortica during on my family vacation. You can see the images below.